Travel: CEO Status at The Sagamore

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For those craving a bit of luxury, head to Miami and indulge in the “CEO Package” at the Sagamore Hotel. Stay in the three bedroom 1,800 square foot Penthouse with 1,800 square foot private outside terrace with private elevator entrance and breathtaking ocean views. The hotel features original art work in each room and the Cricket Taplin Collection in the…

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Fashion: The Loved One Lingerie Launches

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These are definitely not your grannies panties. Launched on January 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day is The Loved One Lingerie. Inspired by their travels around the world as vintage wholesalers, along with Old Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalogs and 1960’s girly magazines, Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz’ vintage-inspired lingerie line is creative and seductive all at the same time.…

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Cafe Habana Opens in Malibu

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Cafe Habana -3939 Cross Creek Road- Malibu- 90265/ 310-317-0300 The LuxLady is so excited that Cafe Habana Malibu is finally here!  The chain’s west coast location is a welcome addition to the Malibu Lumber Yard.  The new location, Malibu’s first solar powered joint, maintains it’s NYC sister’s cool vibe by offering innovative Latin cuisine from Cuba and Mexico alongside local…

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Lifestyle Designers

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For those of you that are fans of “The 4-Hour Work Week”, the hottest thing right now is lifestyle design. If you are not familiar with the concept, below are some websites I hijacked from Jonny G.  of He is also coming out with a FREE success ebook that I highly recommend. Happy reading! Greg Rollet from Colin…

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About a year ago I met with a friend in Vegas that was debuting a new product in the US that was already hugely popular in Europe and Asia. The cute little, electronic contraptions are about the size of a memory stick and feature a small person with a large hand. When two pokens “high 4”, information is automatically exchanged.…

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