Travel Spotlight: Dubai

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Armani Hotel. Everything about the Armani is sleek, sophisticated & sexy. The fountains at night. Fountains. One of the most famous landmarks in Dubai, the Burg al Arab. No one is allowed inside the Burj al Arab if you are not a hotel guest or have dining reservations. Inside the Burg al Arab. The beach view from high-tea inside the…

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Travel: Must Have Travel Items

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  Looking for a way to keep that island glow with you all year long? Try Infinity Sun’s  state-of-the-art proprietary Skincare systems.  The all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanning products give you a glow on the go, leaving you radiant and healthy with a natural looking tan. Travel in style with the most fashionable reusable travel bags from Showoffs. Choose sassy…

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Travel Guest Post: How to See the World Without Breaking the Bank

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Being able to travel the globe is often perceived as a luxury that only the more fortunate people can afford to do. For most people it seems like a far-off dream that’s completely out of reach, unless you’re willing to pour your savings into it or wait until you’re ready to retire to begin travelling. However, despite what most people…

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Travel Guest Post: LA Valentine’s Day Dinners

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Looking for something luxurious to do for V-Day? Couples that choose to dine at Oliverio, a modern Italian restaurant utilizing seasonal local ingredients, or Whist, a Mediterranean restaurant with a contemporary twist between February 10th – 14th will be wowed by the enchanting dishes executive chefs Mirko Paderno (Oliverio) and Tony DiSalvo (Whist) have put together. These sophisticated, decadent Valentine’s…

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Lifestyle Guest Post: Fun & Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Not interested in jumping on the expensive Valentine’s Day wagon? Then it’s time to remember that romance isn’t intrinsically linked to throwing cash around. There are many ways to treat your loved one to a special date without emptying your wallet, and Mr. Free Stuff has compiled a list of “44 Free Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day” for your consideration.…

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Fashion Guest Post: The Millionaire Makeover for Frugalistas

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The holiday parties have vanished into the haze of Christmas Past. The weather forecast is “gray to gloomy” for the foreseeable future. Your mood could use a lift. Clearly, a full head-to-toe makeover is in order. Over the New Year, we all make lists of resolutions to improve ourselves. Yet when money is scarce, sometimes it’s hard to figure out…

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Travel Guest Post: Airplane Etiquette 101

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Communication Coach Roshini Rajkumar Offers Tips for Friendly Flights Roshini Rajkumar, Communication Coach and founder of Roshini Performance Group, may offer your audience airplane etiquette for the upcoming spring travel season. As we all know, traveling with others on a plane can be a challenge! Roshini offers communication strategies to make yours a pleasant one, along with those seated next to you. After all, nobody…

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Travel Guest Post: Hotel de la Paix

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White feathers are an international symbol of peace. This year, Hôtel de la Paix (The Hotel of Peace), a five-star boutique hotel dedicated to community sustainability in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is dedicated to touching millions world-wide with an Eco-conscious Christmas tree composed of  3,200 white feathers, hung delicately on individual wires from the ceiling in the hotel’s lobby. Now, more than 3 million unique users…

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Beauty: Winter Skincare Tips

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The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) officially designates November as National Healthy Skin Month, and we have some tips from Dr. Michael Gold, dermatologist surgeon of Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, on how to keep skin fresh, hydrated and healthy all year round. Face washing should be part of everyone’s daily skincare regimen. The correct way to ensure that your skin gets the…

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Travel: St. Moritz Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

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Each year mouths begin to water and toes start to tap as Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the Grande Dame of St. Moritz, releases its winter calendar of parties and festivals. The hotel is the ideal destination getaway in either winter or summer with it’s unrequited charm and refined luxury. The Palace hotel has 135 guestrooms including 35 suites with stunning views…

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Top 10 Restaurants WorldWide

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You asked, so here it is. Here are my top 10 favorite restaurants in the world, in no particular order. 1.) La Terrazza- Hotel Splendido, Portifino, Italy I have never had a better spaghetti, which I still dream about to this day.  And the view and service are nothing short of phenomenal. 2.)Harry’s Bar- Venice, Italy A classic, you have to…

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