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Travel: Wakeboarding in Australia

travel April 24, 2013 0 Comments

Wakeboarding is an exciting and breathtaking water sport that involves riding a boat over the surface of a body of water. Often called as skurfing or ski-boarding, wakeboarding was invented from a fusion of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and water skiing techniques. Practically, it is like surfing, except that it is more fun, challenging and exciting. Australia has a wealth of…

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Travel Guest Post: Your Guide to Barcelona

barcelona guest post travel travel planning travel tips February 25, 2013 0 Comments

When you think of Barcelona, what comes to mind? Spanish, empanadas, warm air and beautiful architecture are my first thoughts. Beautiful Barcelona welcomes travelers from around the world, and here’s what you need to know before you travel there. Barcelona’s History The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city after Madrid. Over 1.6 million people from all around…

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Lifestyle: The Ultimate Holiday Planning Checklist

holiday travel December 12, 2012 2 Comments

Deciding to go on a holiday is a decision made in the pursuit of relaxation, exploration and adventure. However, the logistics of planning a holiday can be stressful. If the holiday is not properly planned, the time spent traveling and finding accommodations can also be frustrating. This takes away from the overall holiday experience and can result in returning with…

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Travel: The Best Hotels in Melbourne

australia hotel hotels October 25, 2012 0 Comments

Often called the dreamland, Australia is one of the countries, representations of two different worlds. On one side we have the magnificent and luxuries big cities, filled with nightlife entertainments and modern architecture. On the other side we have the nature, so perfect and so pure, offering you incredible views and magnificent sightseeing. We cannot forget the magical wildlife, which…

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Travel: Perks of a Travel Butler

travel travel planning travel tips August 30, 2012 0 Comments

Did you ever think that with little expert guidance you would have made your last trip a little more worthwhile? Well, then indeed you were thinking about a travel butler. Travel butler can help you with end to end holiday solutions. Right from choosing the right destination, to scouting the internet for all the relevant information including looking for discount…

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Travel Guest Post: A Guide to Ferry Travel in Spain

guest post spain August 8, 2012 1 Comments

 Ferries are fast becoming tourist’s most favourite way to travel… and some countries are just ideal for travelling by ferry, be it because of the spectacular sights, wonderful weather, or en route famous ports. And Spain has all three, which makes it ideal for ferries. So for anyone visiting Spain, it is important to consider travelling by ferry, as it…

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Travel Guest Post: Luxury Travel Ideas in Majorca

guest post spain August 3, 2012 0 Comments

Majorca is an island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea that is considered an ultimate luxury travel destination. Part of Balearic Islands, this lush natural paradise features stunning, old Spanish architecture, white sandy beaches, and beautiful mountains. Especially known for its beaches, Majorca is peppered with luxury hotels and villas, some of which offer access to private…

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Travel Guest Post: Safety Travel Tips

guest post travel July 31, 2012 0 Comments

    Summer is in full swing, and for many families that means the summer getaway is still on the horizon.   For today’s family, the cell phone and laptop or tablet are the first things to be placed in the suitcase.  However, going hi-tech on vacation can mean trouble.  Here are some timely tips from the experts at SafetyWeb (…

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Travel Guest Post: Sydney, Australia

australia guest post travel travel planning travel tips July 26, 2012 1 Comments

Continent, country and island, Australia is magnificent  either way you twirl it. The quintessence of the country is diversity: coral reefs, snow-cloaked peaks, desert stall forests, and multicultural melting-pot towns. It is found that most of the Australians live by the side of the coast, and almost all of these folks reside in cities. According to reports it is found…

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Travel Guest Post: Must See Places in Majorca

spain travel travel planning July 26, 2012 2 Comments

Majorca – This beautiful island will leave you awestruck with its natural scenery all around and with exotic holiday destinations to visit. The people of Spain are blessed with the natural beauty of the island where the sun shines on almost all the parts of the island making it worthwhile to visit. Ranging from beach-loving families and clubbers to old…

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Travel Guest Post: Weekend Getaways That Won’t Break the Bank

travel travel planning weekend getaways July 2, 2012 2 Comments

  When life and work get crazy busy, it’s important to take time and relax. Not everyone can afford to take a whole week off to go on a vacation, though.  You’ve maybe got important projects at work, kids, and other obligations that can’t wait for your vacation. Luckily, recent research says that workers who take short weekend trips come back to work feeling more…

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Travel Guest Post: Choose Luxury Travel

travel June 26, 2012 1 Comments

Luxury travel is not all about pretention. There are actually some practical benefits to luxury travel that many people often do not consider. Safety, stress-reduction and comfort are three reasons why luxury travel is popular with the youth of today. By selecting luxury travel, not only will you impress your friends, but you will also help to sustain and prolong…

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