-Have a Turkish craving? Try Deniz in Roppangi Hills for authentic swarma, yummy fries and turkish ice cream.*

-Ramen in one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Find in most places. Some standouts: Menya Mushai near Shinjuku is recommended and Ippudo in Roppangi Hills is known because of their counterpart in New York City.*

-Tokyo has more Michelin starred restaurants than France, with 17 three star restaurants, 57 with two stars and 219 with one star.

-Japan is big on themed dining! Try something new like a Maid Cafe, Vampire dining or Ninja Dining. For animal lovers a cat cafe may be in order!*


-Visit the Mori Tower Tokyo City View & Art Museum. On a clear day, get a 360 degree view of the city.

-See a shrine in Harajuku.

-Visit Mt. Fuji.

-Pretend you are in the movie “Lost in Translation” and have a drink at the top of the Park Hyatt with 360 degree views of the city.*

-Walk through the human tide of Shibuya crossing, the world’s largest crossing in the world.*

-Observe Geisha culture in  Asakusa, Tokyo.

-Shop Rodeo Drive-like stores in Roppungi Hills.*

-Soak in an onsen. An onsen (or rotenburo) is essentially a hot spring spa.

-Take a side trip to Southern Izu Peninsula for beautiful beaches.

-See a Japanese tea ceremony.

-See Sumo wrestlers.

-Visit the Tokyo Tower. Higher than the Eiffel Tower at 333 meters!*

-See the biggest fish market in the world:Tsukiji.

-Try a sake tasting.*

-Ride in a swan-shaped paddleboat on Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park and explore the nearby museums.*

-National Science Musuem of Tokyo..where they have the stuffed remains of famed dog Hachiko.*

-Take a side trip to Kyoto and see the giant bamboo forest.

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