-Have a Turkish craving? Try Deniz in Roppangi Hills for authentic swarma, yummy fries and turkish ice cream.*

-Ramen in one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Find in most places. Some standouts: Menya Mushai near Shinjuku is recommended and Ippudo in Roppangi Hills is known because of their counterpart in New York City.*

-Tokyo has more Michelin starred restaurants than France, with 17 three star restaurants, 57 with two stars and 219 with one star. Make sure to hit at least one on your list!

-Japan is big on themed dining! Try something new like a Maid Cafe, Vampire dining or Ninja Dining. For animal lovers a cat cafe may be in order!*


-Visit the Mori Tower Tokyo City View & Art Museum. On a clear day, get a 360 degree view of the city.

-See a shrine in Harajuku.

-Visit Mt. Fuji.

-Pretend you are in the movie “Lost in Translation” and have a drink at the top of the Park Hyatt with 360 degree views of the city.*

-Walk through the human tide of Shibuya crossing, the world’s largest crossing in the world.*

-Observe Geisha culture in  Asakusa, Tokyo.

-Shop Rodeo Drive-like stores in Roppungi Hills.*

-Soak in an onsen. An onsen (or rotenburo) is essentially a hot spring spa.

-Take a side trip to Southern Izu Peninsula for beautiful beaches.

-See a Japanese tea ceremony.

-See Sumo wrestlers.

-Visit the Tokyo Tower. Higher than the Eiffel Tower at 333 meters!*

-See the biggest fish market in the world:Tsukiji.

-Try a sake tasting.*

-Ride in a swan-shaped paddleboat on Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park and explore the nearby museums.*

-National Science Museum of Tokyo…where they have the stuffed remains of famed dog Hachiko.*

-Take a side trip to Kyoto and see the giant bamboo forest.

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