Air travel is not the walk in the park it used to be. (Remember the days when your loved ones greeting you at the gate?) Here are a few trips to keep your sanity while braving the not-so-friendly skies.

1.)Fly early in the morning. Once a flight is late, it has a domino effect. The earlier you fly, the less chance you have of being on a delayed flight.

2.) Sunday, Monday and Friday are the busiest travel days.

3.) Have healthy snacks on hand to prevent starvation for on-board delays. I tend to pack 100-calorie packs of snacks like nuts & crackers, string cheese and a bottle of water.

4.) Be Prepared. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. Take a “you comfort kit” for a better flight experience. Some possible things to include:  eye mask, ear plugs, mints, snacks, water, antibacterial wipes, iPod and a great novel.

5.) Expect delays. Then you aren’t disappointed and stressed.

6.) Keep up to date on TSA Security rules. Go to for all the info.

7.) Keep your cell phone handy. And I have learned on several occasions…your cell phone  charger!

8.) Dress comfortably and appropriately. With so many weather delays and variation of temperatures, be sure to wear comfy layers to be prepared for changes in temperatures.

9.) Keep valuables with you. This includes money, important documents, jewelry and medications.

10.)Be Organized.

11.) Use curbside check in. For about a buck a bag, you will save yourself stress and time. Avoid the long bag drop lines and head straight to the gate. Comes in super handy for multiple bags, overcrowded airports and holiday flying.

12.) Personalize your luggage. Tie a colorful ribbon, invest in a cute bag tag, but whatever you do make sure not only you, but everyone else can identify your luggage.

13.)Don’t pack sharp objects/liquids over 4 ounces in your carry on baggage, unless you never want to see it again.

14.)For more under seat storage, get a window or middle seat, as the aisle seats are narrower.

15.)To avoid wrinkles, roll clothes instead of folding.

16.)Pack only what you love.  This guarantees you’ll wear it, and you’ll end up traveling lighter in the end with more wearable pieces. Stick to a neutral color palate, with items that seem to travel well.






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