Jetsetera Packing List with links to Products.This is a list if you are packing EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK.Remember, less is more. =)

Clothing Beauty & Grooming Safety & Security
___Blazer ___Body Lotion ___Alarms
___Blouses ___Brush ___Travel Lock
___Raincoat ___Comb ___Credit Card #’s
___Dresses ___Cotton Balls ___Emergency Dental Kit
___Evening Wear ___Cotton Swabs ___Portable Door Lock
___Exercise Wear ___Curling Iron ___First Aid Kit
___Jacket ___Dental Floss ___Flashlight
___Jumper ___Deodorant ___Impt. Phone #’s
___Knits ___Facial Tissues ___Itinerary copy
___Rain Poncho ___Hair Brush ___Luggage Tag
___Shirts ___Hair Clips/Pins ___Money Belt
___Shorts ___Hair Conditioner ___Nightlight
___Skirts ___Hair Dryer ___Passport copy
___Slacks/Pants ___Hair Rollers ___Passport Pouch
___Socks ___Hair Spray ___Travelers Ck #’s
___Sportswear ___Mirror Comfort
___Suit ___Makeup ___Ear Plugs
___Sweaters ___Manicure Items ___Extra Rx Eyeglasses
___Swimsuits ___Moisturizer ___Eye Shade
___Tops / Tanks ___Mouthwash __Anti Bacterial
Lingerie ___Perfume Atomizer ___Foot Care Kit
___Bras ___Pocket Tissues ___Manicure Set
___Camisole ___Shampoo / Rinse ___Pillow – Neck
___Nightie ___Shaving Kit ___Sunglasses
___Pajamas ___Shower Cap Miscellaneous
___Panties ___Sun Screen ___Address Book
___Panty hose ___Talc ___Alarm Clock
___Robe ___Toothbrush / Electric ___Batteries (extra)
___Slip-Full ___Toothpaste  
Shoes ___Tweezers ___Coffee Maker
___Boots ___Wash Cloth / Soap ___Global Translator
___Exercise Personal Medical ___Diary / Travel Jrnl
___Flats ___Adhesive Strips  
___Heels ___Antibacterial Soap ___Electrical Converter/Plugs
___Pumps ___Antihistamine ___Film (extra)
___Sandals ___Antiseptic ___Guide Books
___Slippers ___Calamine Lotion ___Hospitably Gifts
___Walking ___Collapsible Cup ___Luggage Tags
Accessories ___Contact Lens Cleaner ___Maps
___Belts ___Cotton Swabs ___Pens / Pencils
___Day Jewelry ___Dandruff Shampoo ___Personal Recorder
___Evening Jewelry ___Diarrhea Medicine ___Playing Cards
___Evening Purse ___Electric Heating Pad ___Photo Album
___Gloves ___Eye Cup ___Radio
___Hat ___Eye Drops ___Safety Pins
___Scarfs ___Feminine Hygiene ___Scissors
___Shawl ___Foot Powder ___Stamps
Luggage & Bags ___Ice Bag ___Small Pocket Knife
___Blanket ___Indigestion Remedy ___Travel Games
___Collapsible Tote ___Insect Repellent ___Umbrella
___Carry-on ___Jet Lag Pills ___Water Bottle
___Cosmetic Bag ___Laxative Items to Carry
___Luggage ___Lip Balm ___Birth Control
___Laptop Case ___Motion Sickness Pills ___Breakables
___Purse ___Nasal Spray ___Camera & Film
  ___Pain Reliever ___Cell Phone
  ___Personal Protection ___Change of Clothes
Laundry Care ___Petroleum Jelly ___Compass / Therm.
  ___Prescriptions copy ___Eyeglasses / Case
  ___Sun Block ___Itinerary
___Laundry Kit ___Toilet Seat Covers ___Jewelry Pouch
___Lint Brush ___Travel Wipes ___Keys
___Mesh Bags ___ ___Laptop Computer
___Resealable Bags ___Water Purifier ___Money
___Sewing Kit   ___Passport
___Stain Remover Other Items ___Photo ID
___Steamer ___ ___Reading Material
___Travel Iron ___ ___Rx Drugs
___Woolite Packets ___ ___Tickets
___Wrinkle Free  Spray ___